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Current Projects


What does it mean to be a man?

This video project will tell the stories of men as they try to reconcile societal expectations of what it means to be a man with the conflicting realities they experience. Do these expectations run counter to that which would produce physical, mental and emotional well-being. What is the impact on generations of boys who have been told what it means to look, act, fight, love, think, and even eat, like a man?


Can our overwhelmed court system protect vulnerable kids?

Our first project at Blue Marble Media is a documentary on children at the center of difficult family court cases. Our country's family courts and judges are overwhelmed with large caseloads, especially with more complicated divorce and custody cases that are contentious and drag on for years. These complex cases often require involvement from a slew of third parties and professionals, such as lawyers, mediators, parenting evaluators, parenting coordinators, counselors, psychologists, expert witnesses, reunification program leaders, child protective services staff, and court-appointed Guardians ad litem. If you are an adult child, parent or professional with an experience you want to share with us, please get in touch below.

Current Projects: Press Kit
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